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National Night Out 2021

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When: August 3, 2021 6 PM – 8 PM

Where: Louis Armstrong Memorial Park Madison Ave

Beautification Sign & Post Project

Beautification Sign & Post Illustration

Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. is continuing the Beautification Sign & Post Project in Capitol Heights. The Beautification Sign & Post project for Capitol Heights Community is a continuation of the replacement of the average post at the entrance of the Streets and Avenues in the community being swapped out with beautiful decorative vintage posts created by Gowan Iron in Montgomery, Al.
All work is done locally to support our local businesses. The replacement of the posts including street signage and stop signs and are a continuation of the beautiful vintage street post that originated on Madison Avenue North & South Streets some years ago. Last year the Board of Directors with CHCA, Inc. approved the replacement of post, stop signs, and street name signs on Federal Drive on our Eastern Border to cover the East to West Avenues of Capitol Heights improving the overall appearance entering our community. It has been a challenge to stay up to date with the replacement of damaged posts due to traffic incidents along these main thoroughfares in our community, but the improvements are apparent and worth the additional costs since this is a Capitol Heights project.
The project is a qualified grant initiative through the City of Montgomery Neighborhood Services previously BONDS. The generosity of our City District 3 Representative Tracy Larkin and our County District 4 Representative Isiaiah Sankey have contributed to the project and the funds expense satisfies the contracts with all entities that allow improvements to the entry of our community. I wish that our Board of Directors of Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. continue to fund this project to provide our community with more improvements in the future.
As our community shelters in place during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) our business partner Jim Gowan and his crew choose to work during this period to install the next phase of the Beautification Sign & Post Project for Capitol Heights.
The project was completed in record time. All perimeter locations have been completed verified as approved by the board of directors of CHCA and installed “17 new decorative vintage posts” in the North and South Borders of our community to include all of Upper Wetumpka Road and Mt. Meigs Rd. all for the enjoyment of the Capitol Heights Community.  We hope to continue to the interior streets and avenues of Capitol Heights for the next phase of the project in 2021.
There is not an entrance into our community without seeing a decorative post with the new stop signs and street signs in Capitol Heights. Working together to enhance the street appeal of the community for the City and the benefit of all the people of Capitol Heights.
 If you would like to be a part of Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. and help us with upcoming projects to improve our community our email and website are in place for you to get in touch to donate your time or money to our projects designated to improve our community.

Interested donors that wish to expedite the installation of decorative post on their street corner can contact us at [email protected] Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501C3 Corporation and your donation is tax deductible.



Capitol Heights Middle School Career Fair Year .

Will continue June 10th 2021.

Mae Tullis Capitol Heights Civic Association, Inc. Director, and Secretary of the board, represented the Capitol Heights Community for the second year at the Capitol Heights Career Fair April 4th, 2019 with Alabama State University, and other local organizations. Gene Gunter also introduced the Little Free Library to the students and gave away books to introduce this new addition in the community.

Historic Designation Forms



Capitol Heights Neighbors:
Capitol Heights Civic Association is renewing our effort to seek Historic Designation for Capitol Heights. In order to secure Historic Designation, we need signatures of 60% of Capitol Heights property owners agreeing to designation.
Most of us live in Capitol Heights because of our older homes, sidewalks, large trees, and eclectic neighbors. I believe there are two initiatives that can help Capitol Heights become a healthier, safer, even more vibrant neighborhood and avoid decline.
The first initiative is the current move by some of our city councilors to regulate residential rental properties, landlords, and vacant properties with new ordinances and/or the enforcement of existing ordinances. These laws, if appropriately enforced, have the potential of requiring improved maintenance of neglected rental homes and constraining lease renewals for renters repeatedly involved in disturbances or criminal activities.
The second initiative that could improve our neighborhood is our effort to seek Historic Designation for Capitol Heights. Over the past decades, we’ve watched some of our historic neighborhoods decline, as their century-old homes have been boarded up or neglected beyond repair, rental properties have increased in number, home values have decreased significantly more than in the rest of Montgomery, and crime has risen. In several historic Montgomery neighborhoods, however, owner-occupied to rental ratios are healthier, property values have either been stable or increased in value more than other areas of Montgomery, community spirit has grown, and crime is lower. One key difference is the healthier older neighborhoods have secured Historic Designation. A study conducted by Auburn University several years ago reported that property values appreciated 42.3% in Montgomery’s Garden District (historic designation) while property values in the remainder of the city increased 8.3%.
What is Historic Designation? Neighborhoods may secure Historic Designation after a survey of all structures and neighborhood history is compiled, after 60% of all property owners within the designated neighborhood boundaries consent in writing to historic designation, and upon approval of the Montgomery Historic Commission and the Montgomery City Council.
Following Historic Designation, property owners must secure approval of the Architectural Review Board for construction, demolition, and remodeling, but not for interior changes, routine maintenance, or where material replacement is made with identical materials or paint colors are substantially the same as existing colors.
What difference might historic designation make in an older neighborhood? If a neighborhood has secured historic designation, there may be fewer neglectful landlords as it takes more time and care to maintain the exterior character of a historic home during repair or renovation. As the neglectful landlords leave, caring landlords will likely select more attentive renters. Property values may increase as investors have faith the historical integrity of the neighborhood will be protected. Crime may decrease if the neighborhood appears more cared for and if the process of working together for a common goal, such as historic designation, improves the social cohesiveness of the community.
Contact us with Questions or to Volunteer:

[email protected]
helen harris – 334-315-4904
Cynthia McCollister – 334-530-1097

Click On Petition and Signature below to download. Please mail to Capitol Heights Historic Designation P.O. Box 70065 Montgomery, Alabama 36107

All Home Owners need to sign as you are listed on your property tax form. If more than one property owner as in significant other both signatures are required. Do not worry if you do not know your lot number we will fill this in for you. Just Signature and proper address filled in.

Thank you,