Yard of the Month

July Winner Yard of the Month
2243 Madison Avenue
July Winner Yard of the Month
1550 Madison Avenue
July Winner Yard of the Month 
1415 Madison Avenue

May 2019 Winner 1. 102 S. Madison Terrace. Many areas around the front of the house planted with an Interesting variety of blooming flowers. 

May 2019 Winner 2. 2043 Yancey Ave. Small beds, each planted differently. Some quirky features.May 2019 Winner 3. 2115 Capitol Ave. Different colors and textures of foundation plantings make for a cared-for and pleasing appearance

September 2018 Winner 2114 Madison AvenueSeptember 2018 Winner 1929 Capitol Avenue


September 2018 Winners 105 South Lewis Street
August 2018 Winners 2141 Capitol Avenue

August 2018 Winner 2118 St. Charles
August 2018 Winner 2243 Madison Avenue
July 2018 Winners2215 Winona A2215 Winona B148 South Madison Terrace

YARD OF THE MONTH: To encourage homeowners, judges from the Capitol Heights Garden Group choose three yards that have improved or continue to maintain clean, well-tended and decorated yards.  Judging starts in March and goes through November.  Let’s get those yards cleaned up and ready for this Spring and Summer.  All properties in Capitol Heights are eligible and are reviewed each month.
2018 N Maryland Ave
2123 Yancey Ave
1916 Capitol Ave

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