Capitol Heights Timeline 1540 to 1908

Montgomery is positioned 32.35 degrees north of the equator and 86.28 degrees west of the prime meridian. 


Hernando de Soto claimed this area for Spain in 1540.


French settlers came to the area in 1717 when they established Fort Toulouse.


In 1817 President John Quincey Adams sold 321 acres of land to Dr. James Gustine.


In 1819 the settlements of East Alabama and New Philadelphia merged to form the city of Montgomery.


The land that now makes up Capitol Heights stayed in the Gustine family until February 1836when a part of the land was sold to Thomas G. Vickers.


Mr. Vickers gave his son J. Hiran Vickers the area known today as Capitol Heights in November 1833.  (Not sure how he could have given the land to his son prior to receiving ownership, but that’s what the records say!)


Montgomery was chosen to be the state capitol in 1846.


In 1861 Jefferson Davis was sworn in as the president of the Confederacy in Montgomery.


In October 1889J. Hiran sold the land wo William Davis and Thomas Scott.


In 1904 a strip of land 100 feet wide through the land was dedicated to Montgomery County for the express purpose of building an electric railroad.  The land must always be used for public transit or it reverts back to its owners.  Today that is Madison Avenue.


The remainder of the land was sold to Albert F. Wilson, James S. Pinkard and Massey Wilson for $25,000 in 1904.


On November 29, 1904Pinkard and the others started Capitol Heights Development Company.  The land in was divided in blocks and lots and called Capitol Heights. 


Capitol Heights was incorporated as a town in 1908.