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Capitol Heights neighborhood was built in a slower, quieter time and the peaceful, friendly ambiance remains. Walk along the streets in the evening and wave to neighbors who return greetings from a porch swing, or stop and talk about new trees being planted, or the plans for the next neighborhood cook-out. In the spring the Bradford pears and dogwoods cover the sidewalks with white petals like a soft fragrant snow; summer breezes sway the crepe myrtles boughs of white and purple flowers; with the fall come the pecans from the bent trees that remain from an old pecan grove; the winter brings the popular Christmas Decorating Contest where friendly competition inspires strings of colored lights, Santas and sleighs on lawns, and wreaths on doors.

Much of the neighborhood is designated historical and homeowners proudly display signs with their homes’ building date. The architecture styles and dates of the houses in Capitol Heights range from pre-neighborhood structures circa 1890-1900s in the look of classic farmhouses, to Craftsman, Bungalows, Colonial Revivals, and other style combinations built from 1908 to the 1920s. Smaller homes were built in the 1940s that still featured the cozy bungalow style. Capitol Heights boasts several famous homes: the Belser House, the Lewis house, the M.P. Wilcox house, the A.O. Clap house.

The homes in Capitol Heights offer comfortable modern living, and interesting history. The neighbors in Capitol Heights offer friendship and fun! Come visit! Many have come to visit and stayed!