Capitol Heights History

The Land

John Quincy Adams President of the United States (Signed: By the President J.Q.A. G. G. Commissioner of the General Land Office (No Seal) to Stephen and Samuel P. Duncan, Guardians of the children and estate of Doctor Gustine, deed., Assignees of A.P. Hayne. Kind of Conveyance: Certified Photostatic Copy of Letters Patent Date of Conveyance; August 10, 1826 Certified to by B.S. Clinton, Acting Recorder, Department of the Interior, General Land Office, Apr.4, 1939 (Seal) Filed: April 10, 1939 Recorded in Deed Book 210, page 586.

The Southeast quarter of Section eight in Township Sixteen, of Range eighteen containing one hundred and sixty acres, and sixty hundredths of an acre of the Lands directed to be sold at Cahaba, Alabama, in pursuance of the Laws providing for the sales of the lands of the United States in Mississippi and Alabama. There is Granted, by the United States unto the said Stephen and Samuel P. Duncan guardians of the children and estate of James Gustine, and to their heirs, the quarter lot or section of land above described:





View any of the documents above by clicking on the CV Patent numbers. The first in the series CV-Patent 0125-267 each 160.43 acres is the Southeast Quarter that is in the words of my personal abstract of the Capitol Heights Development Company. It takes all four to make up the entire Capitol Heights Area and Section 8.

Only the last in the series S.W. 1/4 are the names different than the other three. They are all in the same year 1825 and is the year the first state Capitol was moved from Cahaba, Al. to Tuscaloosa, Al. It is also the first year of John Quincy Adams Presidency. The last in the series has the President James Monroe’s name scratched through and John Quincy Adams Added. The Eastern Border of Section 8 N.E.1/4 ends at Panama Street on the East. Further East to Federal Drive and beyond is Township 16 Range 18 Section 9 not 8. Section 9 DEJERNETTE, MUMFORD and HAYNE, ARTHUR P are the names on the document. The N.W.1/4 top border aligns with McCarter Avenue in the North almost perfectly. The S.W. 1/4 DEJARNETTE,  JOHN P. and NAPIER, THOMAS are the names on the document and this would have been eventually the land that the Morningview home was built, although an exact delineation is not shown. Each section contained 161.23 acres.


The Land to the West of today’s Capitol Heights toward downtown Montgomery is in Section Seven in Township Sixteen, of Range eighteen and begins in the middle of today’s Patterson Field, Oakwood Cemetery area.  Section 7  SCOTT, JOHN, and DEXTER, ANDREW are the names on the document for the N.E.1/4 and is dated 3/31/1826.

The S.E/ 1/4 is south of Madison Avenue and extends to Adams Street and the sole name on the document is DEXTER, ANDREW dated 4/7/1825.

The S.W. 1/4 FALCONER, JOHN, and DEXTER, ANDREW are the names on the documents and would cover the Avenue that bears his name Dexter Avenue. The area is South of Madison Ave. and extends downtown to Scott Street. The date on the document is 8/29/1820.

The N.W. 1/4 of section 7 SCOTT, JOHN, and STONE, WILLIAM D are the names on the document and would include the Old Alabama Town Area and extends downtown to todays Riverwalk Stadium and the end of the East/West Streets to the downtown area. The date on the documents is 8/9/1828.

All four areas contain 160.68 acres each and makes up the complete Section Seven in Township Sixteen, of Range eighteen. A copy of these documents are below.





All of the above information is available at the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management General Land Office Records.

This is an ongoing Capitol Heights History from the desk of Gene Gunter and is intended to be informative information only for my community of Capitol Heights.